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Waiting for Spring Weather?

Spring is traditionally the time to eat more fresh vegetables
Sneak more vegetables into your meals with these easy fixes

Sauteed broccoli slaw to a skillet with cold press virgin coconut oil
Scramble eggs from pasture raised chickens (2 per person)
Options: Hungry for bacon? Several stores are now carrying uncured bacon. (No nitrites or nitrates!)
You can also find sausages and hotdogs that are uncured. Add a sausage or bacon to the above recipe if you want a little more protein. This recipe would make a good breakfast, brunch, or lunch.
*See my facebook page for a visual step-by-step if you are a new cook!

Of course there are salads and soups that contain as many different vegetables as you want to add. I always keep a few cartons of Pacific soup stocks on hand to warm me on these chilly Spring evenings. Just add your choice of stock (1 carton of vegetable, chicken or beef) and vegetables (cubed or chopped) to your crockpot in the morning.  I like celery, carrots, sauteed onion, parsnips, rutabaga and beet. You can also add some chicken, sausage, wieners, beef, etc. for protein.
Use 1 cup of mixed, chopped vegetables per person.

Be fearless! That is how I often create new recipes! Just remember to write it down as you go, so if it is really good you can duplicate the recipe!

Have a Healthy and Successful Spring!
Dr. Joy