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Water Myths and Facts
Joy Lasseter, Ph.D. Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, Success Coach

         What is the most precious substance on the planet? All life depends on it. We would die within 3 days without it. It is plentiful in our country. It is affordable.

            Yet few consume it. We make excuses about it's lack of taste, complain that we have to use the bathroom more often (Sipping water often allows our body to absorb faster. Gulping causes frequent bathroom trips.) And we consistently make other beverage choices!

            Sodas are popular because of their taste, sweetness and carbonation. Many contain stimulants. Most contain chemical coloring, sweeteners, etc. Coffee is a strong stimulant that many people depend on to start their day and stay awake in the afternoon. Our body does not easily filter water from these sources.

            Sodas and caffeine are dehydrating! According to most health authorities we need 1 gallon of water a day. Why so much? The average adult uses 10 cups of water a day just for normal body functions. Water regulates body temperature, removes wastes, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells, cushions joints, helps prevent constipation, lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by helping flush toxins, and helps dissolve nutrients for easier assimilation. When we are dehydrated we can experience headaches, impaired mood, poor concentration, low energy, reduced physical performance, constipation, anxiety and fatigue.

            Many people misunderstand the thirst signal and go eat something instead. Next time you want a snack, drink water!

            Those who have embraced drinking water are buying bottled water from a staggering array of choices. Since there are no bottled water regulation agencies, we don't know what we are getting! "Spring water" could be tap water in a designer bottle! Some contain artificial flavors or "taste enhancers." And many plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals. (BPA, PVC, etc.) This bottled water craze has added to the huge collection of plastics in the North Pacific Gyre. (Refuse disposable plastic! Carry glass or stainless steel water bottles. Bring your own shopping bags to the grocer.)           

            Homemade Infused Water  - Slice any 2 of these: fruit, berries, cucumbers, mint, basil, lemon, lime. Place in pure water to release subtle flavor. Serve chilled in a clear glass dispenser.

            We know our body needs water. And yet we deny ourselves this most basic, life giving substance. Will you stop making excuses and start drinking more water today and everyday? Your health depends on it!

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