Why Supplements?

Joy Lasseter, Ph.D. Nutritionist, Professional Speaker, Author

     In these stressful, polluted times, it is difficult to get all the nutrients we need from food alone. Too many people eat a diet that consists of processed, over cooked, empty calorie foods, like coffee, sodas, energy drinks, fast foods, chips, crackers, cookies and sweets. These foods crowd out the nutrient rich vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds that promote health.

     People who do take vitamins are often duped by companies producing an inexpensive and vastly inferior product line, made from the cheapest ingredients. Then they wonder why they don't notice any change and often say, "Vitamins don't work." Your body can't properly digest and absorb many of the ingredients I read on the cheap vitamin labels. If you can't absorb the nutrients then you won't benefit from the product! Don't waste your money. Buy quality.

     The Metagenics supplements I work with are science based, nutraceutical formulas. They help shift body chemistry toward greater health and function using natural ingredients. There are over 300 product formulas which are only available through doctors and nutritionists trained in their use.  I recommend certain formulas to help my clients lose weight, increase energy, improve digestion, balance blood sugar, end cravings, control weight, and improve mental clarity!

     After designing a Customized Nutrition Program and discussing my clients needs, I will also suggest the formulas that will support them in reaching their health goals. The recommended supplements can be ordered online at a discount through my separate Supplements link and shipped free, direct and fresh from the closest location, usually within 2 to 3 business days.

     Are you struggling with a health issue? Contact Dr. Joy for a Customized Nutrition Program.

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Not a client yet? Want a high quality: multi-vitamin and mineral formula? Tasty protein shake? Convenient meal replacement bars to tuck into your purse or pocket? Call me and discuss your needs. I will tell you which product best meets your requirements.

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